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Bauer's eD system Team awaits the first two races of the season, attacking the TOP 5

New Visma Ski Classics season starts on Friday with the Team Prologue, in which the Lukáš Bauer´s team won the bronze last year. Individual prologue will be held in Livigno on Sunday. In both races, all seven team members, who belonged to Bauer's retinue last year, including the Czechs Kateřina Smutná and Jan Šrail, will take part. Bauer himself will be missing in Italy, due to coaching duties at the Polish national team during World Cup opening in Ruka, Finland.

While Bauer´s and his team way had to split into the opening races, they were working together during the whole summer season. eD system Bauer Team completed most of the training camps together with the Polish national team, which the Czech medalist from the World Championship and the Olympics took over last May. “I think that both teams benefited because it increased training quality and rivalry during tough trainings. Since mid-November, however, the marathon team has been on their way and I will watch them at the start of the season from Finland, where the World Cup begins. But I should be with the team in five races this season, ”says Bauer.

His long-distance team will enter the season in Livigno, in the same composition as last year, there is missing for health reasons only young athlete Tereza Tvaruzkova, who did last year several races with the team. Even the team goals do not fundamentally change. “I would like to rank among five best teams, third place would be a sensational result. As for individual ambitions, we want to fight for winners podium as often as possible. Of course, I rely on the leaders from last year - Katerina Smutna and Alexis Jeannerod. I would like to see again strong Ilya Cernousov, who had a more complicated season with health troubles last year. ”Other members of the team are Jan Srail, French Roxane Lacroix and Polish guys Pawel Klisz and Jan Antolec.

The first races are waiting for eD system Bauer Team already on Friday and Sunday, with opening prologues - first team and then individual, for 35 kilometers. “Last year we set a pretty high level, when we were third in the team prologue. So we could all climb and enjoy few minutes on winner´s podium, what was sensational and there are great memories. I hope the team will do everything possible to repeat the success, but the team time trial is a very specific race, and it is the first start of the season, ”Bauer notes.

The team leader would be happy with the overall ranking around fifth place after the first racing weekend to set out to meet his goal from the start. “This year I am expecting an even harder fight for the top five due many strong teams aiming for TOP 5. But I hope we can do it! ”

eD system remains as Title partner also for upcoming season, what is great for us! eD system- one of the largest distributors of IT, computer and telecommunications technology in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. At the same time, Bauer's team also announced cooperation with the famous ski brand Kästle. “For us, working with such partners are great news, and I'm really glad we can rely on a strong titular partner. I believe that we will show our partners in good light, for example during Jizerská 50, only one race in home soil, which will traditionally be one of our highlights, ”says Lukáš Bauer, adding that other important races including Vasaloppet and Marcialonga with La Diagonela, where the team is long-term sucessful.

Tomas Rehorek became the head of the service this year during Lukáš Bauer's engagement with the Polish national team and eD system service team is strengthened by Ladislav Rygl, former very sucessful Nordic Combined athlete.

eD system Bauer Team will fight for the first points in the team and individual evaluation already on Friday and Sunday, when will start already sixth VISMA SkiClassics season for eD system Bauer Team.

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