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eD system Bauer Team and Kästle together to meet the new season!

Lukas Bauers team, it means a team of Olympic medalist in cross-country skiing and also the most successful Central European team in the prestigious series VISMA SkiClassics - eD system Bauer Team, is entering a new season of ski marathons with a new partner - the famous ski brand Kästle.

Zleva: Josef Kučera (Kästle), Roxane Lacroix, Pawel Klisz, Jan Antolec, Vít Fousek (Kästle), Alexis Jeannerod Dole: Martin Petrásek (Kästle)

„I am glad that thanks to the new partnership with the Kästle brand, my long-term vision of trying to unify a team with a single ski brand is starting to become real. In last years, the Kästle brand has been returning to the cross-country ski segment. We can not overlook the tremendous determination of the Kästle racing department or the progress made over the last 2 years in the quality of cross-country skis. After the great experience of our own Kästle ski tests, I am glad that we have agreed to cooperate with each other. The focus of the cooperation is the complete utilisation by the service team, testing and using by racers without existing contracts with other brands, which can be a great intermediate step before 100% unification of the team in one ski brand. I believe we will manage to do this in the coming years. It's no secret that Alexis Jeannerod, our best male last season racer, has already switched to Kästle a few weeks ago. Also, the fact that the head of the development department in Kästle is Vít Fousek, my long-time personal service manager in the national representation career, is another reason why I am looking forward to this cooperation,” says Lukáš Bauer, owner of eD system Bauer Team.

“Working with one of the best Visma SkiClassics teams is a great motivation and challenge for us. A signed contract with the team member Alexis Jeannerod in last days is one another important step in the Kästle racing program, ”said Martin Petrasek, Director of the Kästle Racing Department.

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