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4th place at Marcialonga and successful tour for eD system Bauer Team continues

Italien Marcialonga is one of the TOP 3 worldclass marathons. We returned to nice Val di Fiemme valley after great success in La Diagonela and with memories from last year, where Ilya won Marcialonga and Katerina was second after tight finish sprint.

We missed podium places this year - Katerina took 4th place, but she won climb premie, when she was the fastest in brutal "Cascata climb" with 2,5km length in the end of 70km Marcialonga track. Despite the fact, that we missed podium places, we are satisfied, because there was not only great result from Katerina, but also from others. Alexis Jeannerod took 7th place (compare last year he improved for 10 places), Roxane Lacroix took 12. place, Ilya Chernousov was 18.th after perfect 5th place in La Diagonela last weekend, but it´s imposible to shine every race. Jan Srail finished as 33rd, what means around 30 places improvement compare last year and Jan Antolec with Pawel Klisz continue with gaining experiences with first Marcialonga in their lives. eD system Bauer Team have čth place in team standings with smaller gap to 3rd team, so we are satisfied.

Thanks to our activity during the race we were very visible and also due Czech TV crew, who were present in Marcialonga and we made a lot of materials, some of them were used during Czech TV Marcialonga coverage and some will be used in direction with Jizerska 50, what is just around the corner.

Marcialonga was 3rd race from almost "killing" serie of 5 races in a row and there were visible huge differences in shape between athletes, because the fatigue accumulates. It was also visible in Ilya Chernousov case from our team, despite the fact that 18th place is not bad, but then is great to see the team composition, when other athletes can take a "leader position" and make a great result - now it was Alexis. Katerina´s 4th place was also little bit due minor problems with hand, what cames after longer "no problem" time, but we hoped that she will be OK soon. But it´s top level sport and this problems are normal. Our priority is Jizerska 50, so we are working also with extrem scenario, when is possible that Katerina and Ilya will skip Toblach-Cortina upcoming Saturday, to be 100% ready for Jizerska 50. But till now everything is only one of the scenarios and final decision will be done on Thursday.

Thanks for your suport and keep your fingers crossed!

photo: Jana Mensatorova

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