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Bauer's eD system Team successful also in the VISMA SkiClassics Individual prologue : Katerina

Even in the second race of the season, the individual prologue in Livigno , was eD system Bauer Team successful. Katerina Smutna was half of the race in the leading group and she took fourth place in the finish. The fastest pace among the men managed to hold long Jeannerod Alexis, who crossed the finish line on the 14th place.In TOP 15 placed also 12.th Roxane Lacroix among the women and the 20th place was taken by Ilya Chernousov among the men.

The women's 28-kilometer race kicked off the individual battles in this year's prestigious series and there were three skiers from eD system Bauer Team at the start . By the middle of the race, a nine-member group was formed at the front, not missing by Katerina Smutna, but the group was ripped off on the first CLIMB premie. The leading trio was formed by Norgren, Slind and Kowalczyk and three-member group of persecutors was Smutna, Kveli and Korsgren. "It could be expected that it will be decided just in climbing bonuses, first two laps were without the hills so big group went together," commented a key moment of the race Katerina Smutna.

The gap between both trio has grown in the second half of the race. Katerina Smutna had more power in finish than her two opponents, so she took 4th place. "I was sure, that we are not able to catch first free skiers, so I focused on fourth place and it paid off. I'm very happy, I did not know what to expect from the first races. I had problems with my back for a month. Today I felt them first two laps, but it was better later.I had to change training before the start of the season due this, then 4th place is super! " said Smutna.

Satisfied with her placing just below the podium was the team leader Lukas Bauer, who was also pleased with the 12th place of Roxane Lacroix . "I'm very satisfied with Katerina´s result. First three were simply better, but fourth place after her problems with back is great! I´m happy also with Roxane´s result, even she had some collision in first lap.Tereza Tvaruzkova took first experiences from long-distance skiing today and I think she represent with honor," said Bauer about 26th place of the youngest team athlete.

Men, for the first time in the VISMA Ski Classics history set out on the track after the women's finish. Racing field began to stretch on the first CLIMB premie like in women race, and the group began to separate several of them. There was little bit longer also Alexis Jeannerod in leading group , but in the second climb premie run away group of six men, who fought for winner´s podium. Alexis finished the race as fastest from 5 eD system Bauer Team athletes, when he took very good 14th place and Ilya Chernousov finished as 20th.

"It was a very exciting race, I'm sweating more than if I competed myself," smiled Bauer. "Alexis Jeannerod did very good race and I´m happy about him. Ilya confirmed that he is not in best shape now, what was his goal to be focused more for January/February, but despite it the 20th place is pleasant result I think. Jan Srail made a good result at the beginning of the season and I liked the debut of two Polish guys Pawel Klisz and Jan Antolec, who were fighting on the track for their first individual result in VISMA SkiClassics."

The VISMA Ski Classics will continue with Kaiser Maximillian lauf on January 12th."I am quite satisfied with our results here in Italy. Now there is more then one month break in front of us, so we will train well, also service team will be focused for small details to become even stronger.Today it was quite complicated because the forecast promised snow and snowing really started during the women's race. We were tense enough, but I think the skis were good all the time , and the service has done good job here," concluded Bauer.

eD system Bauer Team members results in Individual prologue:

Women - 4.th Katerina Smutna, 12.th Roxane Lacroix , 26.th Tereza Tvaruzkova

Men - 14.th Alexis Jeannerod , 20.th Ilya Chernousov , 41.st Jan Srail , 54.th Pawel Klisz , 75.th Jan Antolec

Photo: Jana Mensatorova

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