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The first two VISMA SkiClassics races of the season 2018/19 are in front of eD system Bauer Team

Friday´s TEAM TEMPO and Sunday´s Individual Prologue will start new VISMA SkiClassics season for Lukas Bauer´s team. It will be also first races with new team name - eD system Bauer Team – and there will be complete team at the start in Livigno, Italy this Friday and Sunday´s. New season of legendary maratons will start finally :-).

They´ve lost just 0,5s to bronze place in TEAM TEMPO last year, so nobody will be surprised with the goal to fight for front positions from beginning of the season. „ It will be great result, if we will fight for TOP 3 podium. We have to calculate that TEAM TEMPO is very, very short race (15km) and some teams are really focused for this race as biggest chance to show them strong and this atypical 15km length of the race can be very important for them,“ said Lukas Bauer who is 100% team director and he will be not as active athlete this season anymore compare previous season.

There will be complete eD system Bauer Team, at the start, chat menas 5 men and 3 women. We will be in komplete composition alsi during Sunday´s Individual Prologue and during the season it´s planned again for Jizerska 50. „ It´s interesting start to the season for us, definitely! It´s more show, but also quite tough for the athletes, compare standard long-distance race, but there is enough media space for each team to promote them at the start and also through international TV coverage. Everybody will be presented and spactators/TV viewers can see what´s new compare previous year.

“There will be new racing suits and three new faces in Lukas Bauer´s team compare last season, but Theky will still relly mostly on very experienced Katerina Smutna and Ilya Chernousov – the second woman and eighth man in VISMA SkiClassics overall standing last year. „It´s start of the new season, those races are short and we didn´t tried to be in TOP shape for this part of season despite our training went well. My wish is that Katerina will be able to fight for TOP 5, Ilya for TOP 10, what is simile for Roxane Lacroix. I will be happy to see Alexis Jeannerod to fight for TOP 15, who desided to be fully focused for long-distance skiing this season. But it´s very short race, so I´m expecting a lot of athletes in finish sprint, the race can be very nervous due it´s length and every small mistake can destroy chances for very good result,“ know Bauer.

His eD system Bauer Team spent more then week in Livigno for final training camp and they trained together in very good winter conditions there. Complete service team arrived at Wednesday and they are in full swing of ski and wax test right now, before Friday´s TEAM TEMPO start. „ The team atmosphere is very good, but little nervosity efore first race of the season will start, for sure,“ is ecxpecting Bauer, who is happy that there are first two races during one weekend now, compare previous years. „The advantage is that both races are in the same place. And due short distances it´s no problem to have 2 races in 3 days with one rest day between them. It´s better for organisation,“ said the boss of 4th best team from VISMA SkiClassics 2017/18.

Their new mission will start this Friday and first individual race results will be known on Sunday.

eD system Bauer Team composition for season 2018/2019:

Ilya Chernousov (RUS), 7. 8. 1986 Alexis Jeannerod (FRA), 27. 1. 1991 Jan Srail (CZE), 18. 12. 1990 Jan Antolec (RUS), 3. 5. 1990 Pawel Klisz (RUS), 4. 8. 1992 Katerina Smutna (CZE), 13. 6. 1983 Roxane Lacroix (FRA), 4. 1. 1992 Tereza Tvaruzkova (CZE), 11. 12. 1998

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