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KAVE Bau s.r.o., as new Partner of eD system Bauer Team

eD system The Bauer Team, the most successful Central European team in prestigious VISMA SkiClassics serie, is busy thanks preparing for the new season, but it does not shrink even in marketing issues. Now, just 2 weeks before new season start, building company KAVE Bau s.r.o. joined eD system Bauer Team as Team Partner adding cross-country skiing to their previous support of sport such as ice hockey.

"I am delighted that we are adding success to our sporting achievements in the field of ensuring and promoting the team. Obtaining another team partner in the form of KAVE Bau s.r.o. is an important step for us to consolidate the position of the most successful Central European team in the VISMA SkiClassics serie. It will help us to improve our current conditions and it can be a good springboard for further growth of the team as a whole, where the winner´s podium in the overall team standing would be fulfilled. KAVE Bau s.r.o. is supporting Pardubice ice hockey club as well as basketball club, and I am delighted that KAVE Bau s.r.o. chose my team to their sport support strategy together with ice hockey, the most popular sport in Czech Republic, which I take as an appreciation of our work so far," says Lukas Bauer, Team Director.

While the Lukas Bauer´s team is active in the sporting field of legendary marathons, KAVE Bau s.r.o. is a building company, that is a reliable partner in the ground and in the water.

KAVE Bau s.r.o. has been running at the Municipal Court in Hradec Králové since 2011. Despite its short history, it has become an essential part of the construction market. KAVE Bau s.r.o. was formed by the unification of prosperous companies with many years of experience in the construction industry. It guarantees high-quality and material background that helps to perform the most demanding jobs. Key areas of activity are water, transport and other engineering structures such as demolition or groundworks. The main part of the work is subcontracting or complex deliveries of building orders. More information about KAVE Bau s.r.o. see www.kavebau.cz

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