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eD system Bauer Team will be outfitted with wear products from DÆHLIE Sportswear

eD system Bauer Team, the team of the most successful Czech cross-country skier Lukas Bauer, has been growing successfully in the legendary ski marathons for four years. For the 5th season, the team choosed Dæhlie as clothing partner and will rely on excellent quality of Dæhlie ´s products. The Dahlie brand was founded in 1996 by Bjørn Dæhlie, the most successful cross-country skier of all time.

"I am very pleased to introduce Dæhlie Sportswear as our new clothing partner. I believe, that the top quality products, which are used by the Norwegian national XC team for example, and which we already used during the whole summer training season, will help us in our journey to success. We want to build on the great last season results (Marcialonga 2018 victory, 10x individual winners and 4th. instead of team ratings) and even try to improve them a bit. At the same time, I appreciate the fact that we are the only long-distance ski team officially supported by the Dæhlie brand and we will parter up to reach a wider audience in the markets we both are present in. In addition to great quality products we were able to make our own design on our race suit, - and it´s sure, that we will be very visible not only through sport results this comming season. Our intentions with the new design was the expressiveness and the effort to get a bit out of standard expectations, what according to some comments, was reached. We will proudly present our race suit LIVE for the first time during team press-conference 31st. of October, "says Team Director Lukas Bauer.

Dæhlie brand official representative for the Czech market is Radim Nyc, former cross-country skier with olympic medal from Calgary 1988. Dæhlie collection is available at nyc-sport.cz and www.dahlie.com

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