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Bauer Ski Team becomes eD system Bauer Team

Bauer Ski Team, the team of the most successful Czech skier Lukáš Bauer, has been successfully growing in the field of legendary ski marathons for four years. Now, just few weeks before new season, he introduced his new title partner - eD system a.s. Team officially change it´s name to „eD system Bauer Team“

"I am very glad to introduce eD system a.s. as our new title partner. While the most successful Central European ski team is fighting battles in the legendary marathon sports field, eD system is one of the leaders in the field of IT distributors and is also one of the top European distributors. Being everyone active in another area, we have a lot in common. In particular, we are motivated to build a successful team, persistence and enthusiasm!" says Lukáš Bauer, Team Director.

This is confirmed by the marketing director of eD system a.s. "We very much appreciate the cooperation we have with the team of such a successful athlete as Lukáš Bauer undoubtedly has established. We believe that the new partnership will be great benefit to both parties. eD can use it well for example for its conferences and other events, as well as helping us to get it to the public," says Šimon Churý, Marketing Director of eD system a.s.

eD system Bauer Team is in front of it´s 5th season in the prestigious VISMA SkiClassics marathon series, which includes such legendary races as Swedish Vasaloppet, Italian Marcialonga or Jizerská 50. In the past, the team has quickly risen to the top of the field ski marathons. Last year, they ranked 4th in the Team´s ranking, scored 10 individual medal winners and also took a victory at Italian Marcialonga.

eD system Bauer Team is ready to fight for success during upcoming season and consists of athletes: Kateřina Smutná, Roxane Lacroix, Tereza Tvarůžková, Ilya Chernousov, Jan Šrail, Alexis Jeannerod, Jan Antolec, Pawel Klisz

eD system a.s., has been for 27 years on the market and is one of the largest distributors of IT, computing and telecommunication technology in the Czech Republic. The company stood at the birth of IT distribution on the Czech market, now with its sister companies, it is now widely used throughout the Czech Republic - Slovakia - Poland. The portfolio of offered products includes a full of IT market´s sortiment, more than 300 brands of the world's leading manufacturers and over 135,000 products. The position of eD system on the market is also evidenced by the annual placement in the CZECH TOP 100 companies in the Czech Republic.

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