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Great team results during Czech Champs

Czech Champs on rollerskis in Liberec was our goal to complete (and confirm) great summer training season and we did it great despite some problems. Especially uphill race up to Ještěd on Sunday was simply perfect for us!

The end of September/beginning of October is time for Czech Champs on rollerskis for many years already and tough 3 days of competing is in front of us. We planned our participation there from the spring time with almost whole team - only missing Ilya Chernousov due expecting baby in this days.

Week before the races looked perfect and athletes were satisfied with their current shape so we were looking forward to Czech Champs. Unfortunately on Tuesday problems started and Pawel was fighting with cold - co out of the competition. Team arrived to Liberec on Thursday and we checked track for Sunday´s race. On Friday morning Alexis health went wrong, so he had tu return home back to France and we hoped that´s our last trouble.

Friday´s sprint was like "warm up" competition for us, but it went quite well. Roxane took 6th place, Tereza 9th among the women category, Jan Srail took 5th place and Jan Antolec 7th among the men.

Our goals for Saturday´s skate race were higher and we were satisfied with Roxane´s 5th place and Tereza´s 10th place as well for 10km F. Men competition was for 15 km and Jan Srail took 4th place and Jan Antolec was 8th.

After this results we were looking forward to Sunday, because it was our main goal from beginning. It was only one start for Katerina Smutna and Jan Srail was even more looking forward, because he missed podium in Saturday´s race….

And we did great job. Katerina was leading the women field from really beginning, Roxane skied well in second group and Tereza was not far behind. Jan Srail was very active with Michal Novak - previous 2 days vinner - in leading group of the men and Jan Antolec was competing with some other members of Czech national team.

It was nice race and leading group was changed to trio in the middle of the race and around 2km till finish there was fighting for victory only Jan Srail and Michal Novak. We are happy that Jan Srail was very active, leading the most of last 2km and he took a victory from first position. It was tough fight between them and Jan took a victory after sprint finish. It was the best final of the race over last few years, so a lot of spectators enjoyed it a lot!

And we were really proud, especially during the ceremony, when we found the fact that we took all sprints victories together with men and women category victory….simply great Sunday!

Now we are skiing in Oberhof skitunnel, where we move directly from Sunday´s race and everything is following our previous plan ;-).

Keep your fingers crossed!

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