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The preparation for the 2018/19 season is in full swing and how is situation about Bauer Ski Team? .

After a while, we are back on the website with up-to-date information about the Bauer Ski Team, which was in the meantime more active on it´s social network like Facebook or Instagram with thein posts. And who to ask other than Lukas Bauer as Team Director?

At first glance it might seem that the Bauer Ski Team is resting and waiting for the winter preparation until the summer is over, so how is it? Exactly opposite! We finished the last race on April 14th in Finnish LEVI, where we were crowned with a great 4th place in the teams' rankings after whole season. Afterwards, the athletes waited for rest and to finish some work either at school or at work, and by the end of May at the latest, everyone was back in preparation for the next winter season, which will begin for us on November 30 in Livigno, Italy.

An integral part of the summer training was the regular team training camps in the past years, as is the case this year also? Personally, I am convinced that, in particular, the team training camps will shift the performance of the team as a whole, and therefore we continue to keep this concept. So far, we have had 2 trainings camps already at the end of June, Boží Dar, where we also met with the Czech National Team and at the turn of July and August in Bois d'Amont in France. Both camps were very successful, although the weather in the Ore Mountains was tough, but despite the weather, we did perfekt training and completed plan. Overall, I rate the preparation so far very well and I am very excited about the perfect team atmosphere chat we had during both training camps. I think that the great atmosphere is also felt from most of the media posts to team social networks, when each training camp is accompanied by different challange and especially through Instastories, our fans can vote to who of the team did the best at the challange. Some of the challenges were very challenging, we had a challenge in singing from such dance creations, and the TOP challenge was a twerk challenge ... for the incredible success we would probably have to share it in the standard social network post because Instastories are away after 24h ;-) ;-) ;-) ...

From your answer it´s visible that the team atmosphere is great, but let's go back to the sport preparation ... I personally consider the good team atmosphere as a necessary basis for the great results of the team as a whole, and it´s one of important criteria when I´m thinking about some new person who can joint he team for example. But everything is headed for results, and there is a solid foundation for quality training. At both training camps, everything was perfect and all team members were professionals, so it was a pleasure to watch individual workouts. Simply said, the team has come to a state where everyone knows when it's time for fun and when it's time for serious training. And they go all the way ;-). So there is a lot of fun between trainings but during serious trainings they are rivals who want to beat others, no mercy ;-). Everybody try to have as much as posible benefits from training together to became faster/stronger. Novelty is the team profile on STRAVA, where most of the team members are logged in, so they have an overview between training camp how train others. And it's not just about healing with each other, but I can, according to profile data, sometimes help somebody to have an overview and our fans can get some inspiration and the idea of ​​what and who do Bauer Ski Team athletes.

And what about your "directing" and care around the team? Of course, behind the great training campson and sporting side of the team is important, although at first sight not quite a visible side, to secure finances, planning, adding or changing team composition and more and more work. Even here we have gone a long way, although a lot of work is still waiting for me until the winter. In contrast with athletes, there was no holiday in this area, but I actually switched from one season to the other. I have had a meetings with all of the team's partners, most of the partners remain, some end and it was up to me to ensure the budget for the next season. It's a continuous cycle, but it's not a simple one, so I'm glad I'm still doing it. The new feature that we will come to the light of the world later is that we will enter the new season with the new Title Partner, and in the field of the Main Partners we will also welcome the newcomer and everything is aimed at further improving the team conditions. Personally, I'm the most happy to be able to get the team up and running to the point that all of the team's „former“ athletes are already "pros", making a change from before, when there were paid by fixed amount only the best / most successful athletes. Of course, there is still a difference between the "regular" team member and the "leader", it will always be like that, but I think the whole VISMA SkiClassics and the demands on the athlete have already come to a state where this step was only a logical continuation of the current development. This step brings logically the budget increase needed, so you will probably believe that I'm not bored ;-)

Back to the athletes, are there some news?

Yes, there have been several changes. Currently, the team consists of 8 athletes, led by Katerina Smutna and Ilya Chernousov as leaders. Compared to last year, the team grew by a few reinforcements. From the Czech Republic our range was strengthened by Tereza Tvarůžková, a promising skier from Beskydy mountains, last year's junior. With the team, she completes a full summer training, and in the winter she should appear in 4 marathons, although her priority will be to nominate and succeed in the World Championship U 23. In addition to being a promising skier, he also excels in mountain biking, where she also attacks Czech National Team. Another 2 team reinforcements come from Poland, namely Jan Antolec and Pawel Klisz, last year's stable part of the Polish National Tteam. Ski marathons will be a new experience for them, although Jan Antolec last year finished second in the famoust Polish Ski marathon – Bieg Piastow, right behind the experienced Jiri Rocarek. Adam Fellner, who has taken advantage of the opportunity to become a member of the B-team of the Czech National Team and Barbara Jezerek, does not continue in the team. Barbara originally planned to finish TOP level skiing, but recently decided to try to fight for WCH Seefeld 2019, which is her main goal. Also, for Adam, was traditional skiing as priority in previous years, I expected this decision, and I keep my thumbs for them. The last "departure" from the competitor's position concerns me, I have already advised it before and I do not expect to return to the "list" of the athletes. My position should be purely in the team service, I should be very active during the winter. If I'm going to start a marathon, it's going to be a bumpy decision ;-).

What does the team expect in the coming weeks?

Our closest event is Alliansloppet in Sweden (25.8.), Which is the biggest rollerski race in Scandinavia and we are going there traditionally every year. We will be here in complete composition except Katerina Smutna. This year we will take part in complete Czech Championship in Liberec (28th-30th September), from where we will go to the Oberhof for training camp where we will ski in ski tunnel. After last year's experience, we will spent beginning of November in Lenzerheide in Switzerland, then Livigno and 30th of November new VISMA SkiClassics season will be kicked-off...

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