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Great season for Bauer's squad: 4th place in Team standing and great individual achievements

VISMA SkiClassics serie consist eleven races and Bauer Ski Team´s athletes were ten times on the winner´s podium. Katerina Smutna won second place in the overall ranking among women, Ilya Chernousov was the eighth among the men. Jan Srail is one of the top six sprinters of the series and Roxane Lacroix has finished as second in the category Under 26 years, but competing in only six races. The Bauer Ski Team has just had a very successful season, crowning fourth place in a team competition. GREAT! ;-)

Lukas Bauer set a clear goal for his team before the season: to be among the top five best teams at the end of the season. This ambitious plan succeeded in fulfilling his team and even patted the winners in the penultimate race of the season. "I'm absolutely happy, the whole season was just great, and in many ways it's a breakthrough season for the team. I'm glad that we showed, we're getting better each year, "Bauer was really satisfied with season, when he worked for the team as Team Director and athlete in the same moment. "Several times during my season, I went to see if I was better off somewhere alongside the track like service staff or so, but in the end I'm glad to have done it this way."

Smutna and Chernousov confirmed the role of team´s leaders

The biggest amount of points and all winner´s podium placements were expected to be teamed by Katerina Smutna and Ilya Chernousov. Smutna won seven podium placement from ten individual starts, when she was five times the second and two times third. "Katerina was skiing in great style. We all of course wanted her to go to the highest levels, but her biggest rival Britta Johansson Norgren, confirmed by her results that that she did not win the whole serie last year by chance. In addition, Katerina had to compete with other athletes more then before, because women field has increased considerably, "says Lukas Bauer.He was just sad a bit from one bad moment during the season, in the form of a strict disqualification of Ilya Chernousov, who was second in the Toblach-Cortina race, but then he lost his fourth podium result due DSQ. But despite this DSQ a complete medal collection in the form of first, second and third places remained from the season for Ilya. "Ilya confirmed, that he learned a lot from last year - from his debut season as long-distance skier - how to adjust the training. It was really visible in most races and his performance was more balanced. Both - Ilya and Katerina - confirmed the pre-season expectation to be a team leaders and be in charge of the top results."

Great Marcialonga, Jizerská 50...disaster

Bauer Ski Team enjoyed a double winner´s podium positions in two races, when both Chernousov and Smutna took podium places. The third such was destroyed by the mentioned disqualification of a Russian athlete after the race Toblach-Cortina. "I would definitely get Marcialonga race as TOP success for us, because it was like a dream! Ilya won and Katerina was the second, after La Diagonela, it was for second time, when we had two athletes in the winner´s podium in the same time! Just like a dream!, "says Bauer.

An another great moment came during the famous Vasaloppet, when Jan Srail managed to ski almost 60 kilometers as break away in a pair of refugees with Norwegian Joar Thele caught by the eyes of the entire ski world. Satisfaction, on the other hand, did not take place in another legendary race, Jizerska 50 on the home field, where the men's team failed. "This has been the worst for us. We were preparing for it a lot, we wanted to succeed at home a lot...but this is sport. It was a great deal of sorrow for us, "admits the boss of the best Czech team in the series VISMA SkiClassics, which consists of eight athletes for this year. Two of them, Smutna and Srail, have gone through all 11 VISMA SkiClassics races.

The next races will be held next season and Lukas Bauer wants to be with his team back in shape again. "I definitely want to continue and build on the 4th place this year. If we could improve it, it would be a bomb. It's a great motivation for me! "

Bauer Ski Team results in 2017/2018 VISMa SkiClassics season

Team results

Pro Team Tempo – 4. place (Bauer, Srail, Chernousov, Smutna, Jezersek)

VISMA SkiClassics Overall Team standing – 4.th place

Individual results

Katerina Smutna - 2.nd place in VISMA SkiClassics Overall standing + 2.nd in Sprint standing, 5.th place in Climb standing

Sgambeda – 2.nd place Kaiser Maximilian Lauf – 6.th place La Diagonela – 3.rd place Marcialonga – 2.nd place Toblach-Cortina – 2.nd place Jizerská 50 – 2.nd place Vasaloppet – 3.rd place Birkebeinerrennet – 2.nd place Reistadlopet – 4.th place Ylläs-Levi – 6.th place

Roxane Lacroix - 14.th place in VISMA SkiClassics Overall standing + 2.nd place in U26 competition

Toblach-Cortina – 10.th place Jizerská 50 – 9.th place Vasaloppet – 8.th place Birkebeinerrennet – 23.rd place Resitadlopet – 9.th place Ylläs-Levi – 14.th place

Barbara Jezersek - 31.st place in VISMA SkiClassics Overall standing

Sgambeda – 9.th place

Ilja Chernousov - 8.th place in VISMA SkiClassics Overall standing

Kaiser Maximilian Lauf – 3.rd place La Diagonela – 2.nd place Marcialonga – 1.st place Toblach-Cortina – DSQ Jizerská 50 – 29.th place Vasaloppet – 24.th place Birkebeinerrennet – 7.th place Resitadlopet – 15.th place Ylläs-Levi – 14.th place

Alexis Jeannerod - 27.th place in VISMA SkiClassics Overall standing

Sgambeda – 18.th place Marcialonga – 17.th place Toblach-Cortina – 16.th place Vasaloppet – 45.th place Birkebeinerrennet – 29.th place Resitadlopet – 8.th place Ylläs-Levi – 15.th place

Jan Srail - 46.th place in VISMA SkiClassics Overall standing + 6.th place in Sprint standing

Sgambeda – 33.rd place Kaiser Maximilian Lauf – 30.th place La Diagonela – 23.rd place Marcialonga – 61.st place Toblach-Cortina – 24.th place Jizerská 50 – 63.rd place Vasaloppet – 65.th place Birkebeinerrennet – 90.th place Resitadlopet – 73.rd place Ylläs-Levi – 51.st place

Lukas Bauer - 51.st place in VISMA SkiClassics Overall standing

Sgambeda – 40.th place Kaiser Maximilian Lauf – 40.th place Marcialonga – 47.th place Jizerská 50 – 63.rd place Vasaloppet – 57.th place Birkebeinerrennet – 105.th place Resitadlopet – 34.th place Ylläs-Levi – 52.nd place

Adam Fellner - 102.nd lace in VISMA SkiClassics standing

Toblach-Cortina – 52.nd place Jizerská 50 – 79.th place Birkebeinerrennet – 110.th place Resitadlopet – 36.th place Ylläs-Levi – 67.th place

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