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Bauer Ski Team at Ylläs-Levi: Katerina Smutna 6th, three more athletes up to 15th place

This year's VISMA Ski Classics season is over, the Ylläs-Levi race has finished on Saturday as last race of the prestigious long-distance skiing series. The best Czech team did not lose at the last start of the season. Bauer Ski Team was visible during the race and the best in the finish was Katerina Smutna as 6th woman. Ilya Chernousov and Alexis Jeannerod finished 14th and 15th respectively. Fourteenth was also Roxane Lacroix. In addition, Lukas Bauer's team secured the 4th place in the overall series.

Katerina Smutna kicked off the last race of the season with a sore wrist that prevented her from fighting for the podium. After ten kilometers, she began to lose to a five-member group in the lead, and even though she could catch them again, later her loss grew again. "Unfortunately my wrist was still hurting and I had to slow a little. When I went loose, I found out that it did not hurt so much, and I wanted to go, I did not want to give up the last race. It was difficult mainly because of psychic, because it was painfull like hell, "admitted the best Czech skier who won 2nd place in the overall standing of the series. "Of course, that's cool, even if I wanted to win at least one race. I have not succeeded in doing so, but the overall position is definitely satisfying."

Alexis Jeannerod managed the second best result of the season and his career in Finland, finishing in 14th place. Just behind him finished this tough race also his team mate Ilya Chernousov, who was seen several times during the race at the top of the leading group. There was active few times also Alexis Jeannerod and Jan Srail, who finished 51st today, just one place in front of Lukas Bauer. Other Bauer Ski Team members, Roxane Lacroix and Adam Fellner, were ranked 14th and 67th respectively in this final race.

Bauer Ski Team managed to score the 4th place in the Team´s Overall standing, so the pre-season goal was done! (Lukas Bauer set the goal to reach the top five in the team's rating as the one he would want to achieve.)

photo: Magnus Östh

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