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Last 70km of racing is waiting for Bauer Ski Team in Finland this Saturday

Ylläs-Levi race will finish the eighth edition of the VISMA Ski Classics long-distance series on Saturday. There are also seven Bauer Ski Team athletes who are ready to meet the last possible successes and points for the overall ranking. At the start will also be the last year winner Katerina Smutna, who suffers from a painful muscle on the forearm. Still, she would like to fight for the victory again.

The Norwegian Reistadlopet last Saturday skied a Czech skier like most of the other athletes with kick wax and classic technique, and at the finish line she told she was curious about how her performance will look like in Finland next weekend, where it is supposed to be all back to make a race by doublepoling. The last race of the season is 70 kilometers long and Katerina Smutna hopes that her forearm problems will be solved. "It's better for a while, then it's coming back to worse for a while. In any case, it would be sensational if Katerina will be able to managed to win in the last race of this sucessful season. However, I would like as success any placement on winner´s podium, "says team leader Lukas Bauer.

The entire Bauer Ski Team, moved straight to Finland right after Reistadlopet, where they spent together a week before the next race. On Sunday, the program was free, on Monday training and on Tuesday and Wednesday, the members of the best Czech team went check the race track. "A flatter race is waiting for us with a length comparable to Marcialonga. There are four challenging long climbs on the track, so it's not that simple, "Bauer says.

The traps of the Finnish race are lurking in the weather and the snow conditions that currently exist on the site. "Just like last year, there's a powder snow, the temperature around minus 10 overnight, the day around zero and will be warmer later. Snow is not fast, and the situation is complicated by the fact that it is quite cold and the sun is working with it. We will have to consider enough to take right pair of the skis, which will be good for this tough conditions."

Another complication for the athletes is that the service with refreshments/feeding will reach the track only up to the 35th kilometer by car, then no longer. "We will have to deal with a camelback with a drink and someone from the service will go to another feeding place on the skis," says Bauer.

The top ambition of the Czech team will definitely have Katerina Smutna, Ilya Chernousov will try to improve his eighth place from last year. Alexis Jeannerod was in great shape at Reistadlopet and reached the 8th place as his personal best. The flatter profile should be more suited to Jan Srail, who entered to the history with a long break away at the legendary Vasaloppet this year. The premiere of the Ylläs-Levi race will be made by Roxane Lacroix and also Adam Fellner will be on the start.

"I would like everyone to get the best result because we will wait for a long break and preparation for the next season. So it would be the best memories! " wishes Lukas Bauer, who will start in the ninth race of the season this Saturday. Most of them have a Jan Srail and Katerina Smutna, who will complete a full 11 races at this year's Visma Ski Classics.

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