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Three Bauer Ski Team athletes in the TOP 10 on the demanding Reistadlopet

Katerina Smutna just under the winner´s podium in the fourth place, Alexis Jeannerod in the 8th place, Roxane Lacroix ninth and Ilya Chernousov fifteenth. These are the results of the best four of the seven Bauer Ski Team athletes in Reistadlopet, the penultimate race of the VISMA Ski Classics series, which scored as the best Czech team.

A challenging, hilly race that ripped off the men and women's starting field right after the start. Katerina Smutna skied tough 50-kilometer track first alone, then in the three and in the final in the pair with Gjeitnes, with which she fought for the fourth place until the finish line. "Before the start, it was clear to me that the first and second places were occupied by Ishida and Kowalczyk and that we would be fighting for the third place. After the start I was not able to follow the leading girls, later it went better and better so I knew I was going to fight for the fourth place," said Katerina, who was limited the aching muscle to her forearm in the end.

"It hurts me for the last 14 days, it always starts at a higher pace after 15 minutes of competition. If it will be still painfull also week later before a race in Finland, it would be quite interesting :-(," Smutna told her troubles, who was very satisfied with fast skies with kick wax.

The best result in the VISMA Ski Classics series was achieved today by Alexis Jeannerod, French member of the Bauer Ski Team, which was the eighth place and he also improved his tenth place from last year's Reistadlopet. The other member of Bauer Ski Team Roxane Lacroix, the second woman in the overall rankings of the 26-year-old, also finished in the TOP 10. Ilya Chernousov finished 15th to support the excellent results of his team colleagues.

It was a great race for us. It was again an confirmation that these heavier races fit us well. I'm glad that we followed up on last year's success, when we also had three people in TOP 10, "said Lukas Bauer, who finished 34th as the second best Czech athlete. "In contrast to the rest of my team, I was doublepoling the race, what was a challenge for me. But the previous race (Birken) was bad for me with classic style, so I tried it. I have to say that I am satisfied with the fact that I managed it, and also with final result."

The Reistedlopet was done also by Adam Fellner and Jan Srail from Bauer Ski Team, who finished 36th and 73rd respectively. The last stop of this year's VISMA Ski Classic will be Ylläs-Levi in Finland next week.

photo: Magnus Östh

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