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Bauer Ski Team is ready for the Birken with backpacks

Bauer Ski Team memebers will compete Birkebeinerrennet already tomorrow. The backpacks are ready! There is manadatory gears what have to be in backpack and specified by Birkebeinerennet rules. Everything comes from the legend of a small Norwegian king, but at the same time prescribes the exact contents of a backpack for safety reasons due to weather variability and poor track access in the mountains. At the start, there will be 7 members of Bauer Ski Team including Katerina Smutna, Ilya Chernousov, Lukas Bauer and Jan Srail, the hero from Vasaloppet.

Bauer Ski Team is waiting for another legendary race with a long tradition, after Vasaloppet and Jizerska 50. The Norwegian Birkebeinerrennet will celebrate 80th edition and from the very beginning it is related to the legend of the pilgrimage of the Norwegian throne to safety on the back of the Birkebeiner. Lukas Bauer sied this race fourtimes already and the old story is very well aware. "I always remember that when I have to pack that backpack. It is very uncomfortable to go with it 54 kilometers when you are not used to it. I personally feel it at the start, then I do not know about it the most of the race, and at the end you can feel it again, "says the boss of the best Czech team in long-distance skiing.

The Bauer Ski Team will be almost complete in Norway on Saturday. Except for Barbara Jezersek all team members, including Katerina Smutna and Ilya Chernousov, will be on the start. "I would have liked them both to fight for the winners. Most of all, I wish we had to finish a bad luck time, which began with Ilya´s disqualification in Toblach, where he originally took the winner´s podium for the fourth consecutive time. I hope we will return to the results we have just made in Toblach, and we will jump a little in the overall ranking of the teams where we still have the fifth place, "Bauer wishes.

In the colors of his team will compete in Birkebeinerrennet also Jan Srail, who flashed with nearly sixty-mile break away at Vasaloppet, Alexis Jeannerod, Adam Fellner, Roxane Lacroix and Bauer himself. "I'm excited about Roxan's performances, so far she has steadily skiing to tenth place, what is great," he said. He praised the contribution of a French skier who jumped directly into the season with Toblach-Cortina race as debut.

Quite difficult situation will have the team with feeding along the course, similar like other teams, due the fact that there are only a few places on the 54-kilometer track that can be reachable by car. This is one of the reasons why the rules strictly say what have to be included in 3.5kg backpack. Jackets, caps, trousers, gloves, underwear and buff are required. Especially recommended for hobby skiers is food, drink and ski wax. "You can reach from the entire route by car only on the 9th, 27th and 45th kilometers. From other places people can not be evacuated and the weather changes rapidly in the mountains. It goes down the plains, where it can unpleasantly blow. The equipment is such that no one will get frozen in case of difficulties, which is especially true for the hobby skiers," explains Bauer, whose team will also rely on servicemen on skis in the mountains.

Birkebeinerrennet is demanding for its profile and hardly predictable weather, which can influence its course, for example, by wind on the plains. "There may be conditions other than on the start, the trail being blunted. This is one of the specifics of this race, "concludes Lukas Bauer, who believes that there will be optimal conditions in Norway for the attack the winner´s podium by his athletes on Saturday.

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