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Katerina Smutna took silver medal in Jizerska 50

Also on the "home field" in Jizerska 50, the Bauer Ski Team was able to make winner´s podium. Katerina Smutna made a medal success, when she won the second place for the third time in a row. The best man of the Bauer Ski Team was 29th Ilya Chernousov.

There became soon the leading pair of two the best women of VISMA SkiClassics Overall ranking - Britta Johansson Norgren and Katerina Smutna, in the women´s race. A typical picture of the last races changed after the thirtieth kilometer when this pair surpassed the fastest men. The Swedish skier has managed to keep them for a while and has built the lead in front of the Czech champion of the previous year. "I felt terribly well today, and the conditions were perfect. I had a plan to go from the very beginning with a high pace, which was successful. We went away from the other girls and they were alone. Britta dd attack somewhere around the 35th kilometer and I did not catch her. She is simply better this year, "Katerina Smutna commented the ost important moment of the race.

Her loss to Norgren was less than 40 seconds in the finish, and for the fourth consecutive season, she was in the second place. Her team-mate, Roxane Lacroix, has reached the ninth, what is great result as well. "I have to congratulate the girls that they performed very well and they "saved" our team today! Katerina confirmed her quality, although of course she wanted a first-place fight, "said Lukas Bauer abot the female part of his team.

From the men´s part of the team was the fastest Ilya Chernousov, who finished 29th. "Of course, I'm sorry for the men that we have not been able to build on the previous great results in VISMA SkiClassics races and we failed i the most imporatnt race for the team - Jizerska 50 - only one from VISMA SKiClassics serie in Czech Republic. We wanted to shine on Jizerska 50 and we did everything for it. When you determine one race that is your priority, it can be hop or trop. It is mostly extreme - very good or very bad. Unfortunately, it was the second case in the men´s race for us, which I am sorry about in the direction of a service team, who practically did not went to sleep, put everything in it and they worked hard. Unfortunately, we did not return it by great results today. I´m sure that everybody put 100% to Jizerska 50 and only what we found after te race, was that all our men had really fine structure compare to our women who did great race, so maybe this was the reason, why we failed. It´s a pitty that this happened in Jizerska 50, but we have to look to next race already and be sure, that we will make our best, to confirm there that Jizerska 50 men´s results was just bad day ", regretted Lukáš Bauer, who finished in 63th place in his third start at Jizerska 50.

The next Visma Ski Classics race will be held in 14 days, when there is another legendary race - Vasaloppet. This is on Sunday, March 4th. "We definitely do not shake heads, we have a strong team (both athlete and service team) and work great, just not today, which is happening. There we want to continue with perfect results that we perform this year, at Vasaloppet " Lukas Bauer looks forward to continuing the VISMA Ski Classics series.

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