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Lukas Bauer before Jizerska 50: "I take it as the most prestigious and most important race for

Bauer Ski Team is shining in the current VISMA SKiClassics season. It´s clearly the best Czech team in the VISMA SkiClassics serie and other achievements it would like to add on Sunday Jizerska 50, running in homefield. "For me and my team this is the most prestigious race. If I had to choose where to get the best team results in the season, then it's definitely the Jizerska 50," admits team leader Lukas Bauer, who will set up for the third time in his career at the start of the legendary race.

Last year, Lukas Bauer finished as 22nd, but he took 2nd place during his premiere in 2013. "Jizerska 50 is always a challenge, I personally take it as a legend and the biggest race in our country. For me, I had there (at Jizerska 50) the first opportunity to get to know the ski marathons. As a junior I won the race for 25 km, in 2013 I took the second place as Team COOP member, "remembers Bauer, who would like to reach this year's maximum in Bedrichov in the VISMA Ski Classics serie. "It would be nice, if the form was graded just at Jizerska 50. I would like to be around the 20th place but just the race will show if it is real in the current shape and training possibilities, when I have not so much time for training compare to last years. I hope that the home environment and the memories will help me to make the best result. "

In any case, the Bauer Ski Team will rely on Bedrichov for it´s leaders - the second woman in the overall ranking - Katerina Smutna and the fourth best man Ilya Chernousov. "Both will fight for the podium I guess. I believe they recovered well after tough one month full of racing and that the 14-day break will benefit them. For me, Jizerska 50 is the most prestigious and the most important race because it is the only one from VISMA SkiClassics races in the Czech Republic. I hope we will shine on Jizerska 50, "Bauer wishes.

Bauer Ski Team will have 4 Czech athletes at the start. In addition to Bauer and Smutna, Adam Fellner and Jan Srail will be also cometing at Jizerska 50, who reached his personal best as the 23rd place in La Diagonella this year. "I hope he will show the result at the level of his best results. I would be very happy with attacking TOP 20 for him, "says Bauer, who promises more points for the team from Frenchman Roxane Lacroix. "It should increase our chances of getting between the best teams in the overall ranking. With regard to the development of the season, I´m looking at the third place, which seems real, even though the season is still long, "he points out at the current 4th place in Team standing Bauer Ski Team's boss.

For Sunday's start, the most successful Czech team of the Visma Ski Classics series will be preparing together fromFriday, when all members will come to hotel Brizky in Jablonec. The home environment will offer them even greater comfort on the track, where more people will be available for feeding and other service around the track. "Normally, we're going to races around 10 person, here will be 15 plus plenty of friends to help us. What can be done around the track will be on a level better than at other races." Not only in this is Jizerska 50 unique for Bauer Ski Team.

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