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Bauer Ski Team before Toblach-Cortina: Desire for continuing the successful series and new faces in

Katerina Smutna and Ilya Chernousov together staged twice on the podium and they have high ambitions for Saturday´s Toblych-Cortina race also. Other four athletes from Bauer Ski Team will be at the start together with them. Lukas Bauer will be not among them, but two new faces will appear.

Katerina Smutna did a great race at Marcialonga, when she was only 5 tenths of a second from triumph in the famous race. Another opportunity to fight for the victory will be at Toblach-Cortina tomorrow, where she will defend first place from last year. "Because it's going to be a top-of-the-line performance for me, I've been, after sixt place at Kaiser Maximilian Lauf, the third and last weekend the second, so I hope it will still continue to improve," says the best Czech woman in VISMA Ski Classics series.

If Smutna will managed the victory, she would imitate the performance of her teammate, Ilya Chernousova, who was gradually taking the third, second and first place when he triumphed at Marcialonga last Sunday. And in the overall ranking of men he is second, as well as Smutna among women. "Now I'm doing well, but we'll see how it will go later. This tough month is very challenging, I'm curious how I can regenerate into another race. Rivals are strong, "Chernousov says.

Both Bauer Ski Team leaders are awaiting for the fourth challenging race in the four weeks, which is a portion, what Lukas Bauer sees as a very difficult task. "I would love to continue, of course, the great wave of results what Katerina and Ilya are showing and Alexis Jeannerod jumped there with 17th place as well. But I also expect a possibility of little bit worse results, because it will be the fourth race in a row. There is no space for training, just for a short regeneration. I'm really curious if we can prolong our great series, but it will be very difficult. "

Lukas Bauer didn´t planned the Toblach-Cortina race, so he will skip this reace and he will help his athletes as member of service team. Jan Srail, Alexis Jeannerod will not be missed at the start, and for the first time this season, Adam Fellner will also appear in the Visma Ski Classics race, who fought for Olympic Games selection, as Alexis. The new face of the Bauer Ski Team is Roxane Lacroix, French skier. "I´m happy to welcome Roxane in our team. She will go through all the remaining races of the season for Bauer Ski Team. She would like to help us in the team rating, which currently includes our fourth to fifth place. Two weeks ago, Roxane was second at the FIS Marathon Cup at Dolomitenlauf. The three starts have already been recorded for her in the VISMA Ski Classics series in the past two years, "said Lukas Bauer about Roxane, new member of the team.

Roxane´s and Adam´s points may be important for the team because they are still U26 category. This age category results/points will be included in the team rating this year over two of the best men and the best women in the race.

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