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Bauer Ski Team heading to La Diagonela: Katerina Smutna and Ilya Chernousov will try to defend last

After two podiums, the Bauer Ski Team would like to take the medal podium for third time in a row. Both team leaders – Katerina Smutna and Ilya Chernousov – will be defending last year victory. Jan Srail will start also, while Lukas Bauer will skip this race. But he will be active around the track with other team staff for this time.

Ilya Chernousov want to continue in great style after successful Kaiser Maximilian Lauf, where he took 3rd place in his first individual start of the season. "La Diagonela will be tough and different from last year when it was shortened due to climatic conditions. This year it will be 65 kilometers and there will be also difficult passages. I hope I was able to recover well after the race in Seefeld and will try to show the best performance, "says the Russian athlete, competing in the colors of the Czech team. For him, Diagonela is specific to being held in a region, where he lived for several years and last year victory as his first winning race in the Visma Ski Classic series.

Katerina Smutna did not well last race as he hoped for, when finished in sixth place, but she is looking forward to La Diagonela. "My goals remain the same, I want to fight for medal podium. I hope that I will have a good skis in Switzerland and everythyng other will be as good as normally." Katerina Smutna won the race last year, two years before she finished second. "Katerina is prepared well, she just had not the best day and few other things worked not 100% during Kaiser Maximilian Lauf. I believe that both, Katerina and Ilya, will shine at La Diagonela, "says team leader Lukas Bauer.

Bauer himself will not compete in Switzerland, what was planned ahead of schedule. "I'm training less then before also due many work in team´s background, and now we have four races at four weekends. That's why I want to start every second race to be able to compete for little bit better results. But of course,at this time I will be still around the team and try to help like service team member and other needed positions. I will also be prepared if someone gets sick, "adds Lukas.

La Diagonela, which is particularly demanding with regard to high altitude, will see also another Bauer Ski Team member at the start - Jan Srail.The other members of the team - Adam Fellner, Alexis Jeannerod and Barbara Jezersek - still have the chance to participate in the Olympics and they will compete at World Cup in Planica (SLO) the same weekend.

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