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Medal podium for Bauer Ski Team at Kaiser Maximilian Lauf: Ilya Chernousov finished third

The first individual race of the year 2018 and the first medal podium in 2018. In this style jumped Ilya Chernousov, member of the Bauer Ski Team to the year 2018 in Seefeld presented the third place in the 60 km long Kaiser Maximilian Lauf. The Russian skier, competing in the colors of the Czech team, scored the third best result in the history of Visma Ski Classics. His teammate, Jan Srail, was on the 30th place with the second best Czech at the finish and Katerina Smutna took sixth place among the women. Lukas Bauer, the team's boss, made the first forty.

The members of the Bauer Ski Team recorded the best individual placement from the Czech teams at the race in Seefeld. A huge success in the third place was won by Ilya Chernousov, who had to skip La Sgambeda at the end of last year due sickness just one day before the race. So, in Seefeld, he finished his first individual race of ski marathon season and performed in great form. "I am very happy and satisfied. I expected that I could have the top ten, but the result was even better, "he said after prize giving ceremony.

Lukas Bauer, team boss, was also satisfied because he hoped for TOP 5 for Chernousov before the race. "I took it as a very high goal and said that even the fifth place would be great. The third position is a bomb! I'm glad that Ilya tooked medal podium in his first individual race this season also due his health problems just before the La Sgambeda, because he was in very good shape there already. "

Chernousov kept the whole race in the leading group, from which he had been prosecuted in the last ten kilometers to pursuit Holmberg. Together with Norwegian Gjerdalen, who took victory in the end. "I did not have any big tactical plans in the race. It was necessary to stay in the leading group, sticking to the front. I thought we could catch up with that one fugitive, so I went into it. The end of the race was very tough and Gjerdalen was better in it. But I'm very happy too. "

Also Jan Srail can be satisfied with performance in Kaiser Maximilian Lauf. The competitor from Sumava closed TOP 30 of men and in the finish he was the second fastest Czech behind 21.st Petr Novak.

Katerina Smutna tried to defend her victory in this race from last year. This year she finished on sixth place and almost whole race she went alone. "I have to say that I did not feel completely 100% today and I was also struggling with the skis. In the first downhil, the girls overpassed me and I knew that it will be tough race. But at the end I felt good again and this is just one race. We still have enough of them, so I believe that next time everything will be fine again. "

Lukas Bauer also took Katerina´s sixth place as OK. "Even though Katerina chose a slightly weaker day and it was not very good, we have to take the 6th place like a decent result. I am satisfied with the performance of all three team members who have the points to collect. Jan Srail also showed decent performance. At the end I was happy to say whether I would be better in my group for 4 or 5 places and tried to help Katerina, who I came to. Applauding I need service for the perfect support, it was not easy today. Not even with fast driving to another feeding station or with difficulter snow conditions, because there was many diferent snow types along the course. At the top of the hill we were waiting for powder conditions, while on the start and then in the valley it was already firm snow ", evaluated the conditions and performance of his team Lukas Bauer, who reached the finish line as the fortieth.

Another race of the prestigious long-distance series ViISMA Ski Classics is on schedule next Saturday, when 65 km of La Diagonela runs in Switzerland.

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