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The toughest part of the season is waiting for the Bauer Ski Team, attack for the podium already thi

After two last year's races and a monthly break, the prestigious Visma Ski Classics cross-country series continues in 2018. The participants are waiting for a good portion of their races right now - four starts in four weeks, 245 race kilometers overall. "It's definitely the toughest part of the season, now it's ideal to be in good shape," says Luke Bauer, whose Bauer Ski Team will be attacking the podiumalready in first race this year at Seefeld in Austria.

Sixty kilometers long Kaiser Maximilian Lauf goes on Saturday, January 13, and the Bauer Ski Team will race with four athletes. At the start will be both team leaders, Katerina Smutna and Ilya Chernousov, Lukas Bauer and Jan Srail. "I would like to continue with a very good start of the season what we did in first two races (Pontresina/Livigno)," says Lukáš Bauer, the team leader, who was particularly pleased with the 4th place in the opening prologue and the second place of Katherine Smutna in La Sagambeda.

"It's clear that Katerina Smutna will want to show off a great result again and attack the victory she fought at Seefeld last year. All training results indicate that she is doing well. I believe in Ilya Chernousov that he will be well prepared to attack TOP 5, what is a very high goal. I would like to see Jan Srail till 25th place, "he tells the ambitions of the Bauer Ski Team. He trained himself during racing break to be ready to help with some points when will be needed. "The common New Year's resolution was held in December. As Christmas approached, I thought the next race was close. So I put my director work away and started to train more seriously. "

“ Other members of the Bauer Ski Team also competed in December. Jan Srail took a podium at two sprint races in Bayerish Eisenstein and Zwiesel, a good result at the Continental Cup in St.Ullrich. Ulrich did Katerina Smutna, who later spent Christmas in Jablonec and had the opportunity to train on the Jizerska 50 track. "It was perfectly groomed, so I stayed longer in the Czech Republic than I originally planned. "I am looking forward to the most of all the races that are waiting for me in 2018, but Jizerska 50 is something more, exceptional, "says a skier who has managed to win in the past Visma Ski Classics overall. "I want to try again, that's my goal. I would like to win already in Seefeld, but I know the race is heavy and long, so we'll see how it's going to be on the track. "

Kaiser Maximilian Lauf will launch a series of nine Visma Ski Classics races, four of which will be held in four upcoming weekends. The race in Austria begins with a very demanding season with La Diagonella at high altitude, 70km of Marcialonga and Cortina-Toblach race. "It's the beginning of a difficult period. Now it is ideal to be in good shape because there are four races in a short period of time, which is quite a significant portion of the season, "says Luke Bauer, who heads up with his teammates on Thursday to Seefeld.

Next VISMA SkiClassic schedule (one month):

13. January – Kaiser Maximilian Lauf; 60 km, Seefeld in Tirol, Austria 20. January – La Diagonela; 65 km, Engadin St. Moritz, Switzerland 28. January – Marcialonga; 70 km, Trentino, Italy 3. February – Toblach-Cortina; 50 km, Italy

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