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PF 2018

The end of the year and the arrival of the new is always connected with rating, wishes and different pronouns. We are not the exception ...

The year 2017 was great! Of course, something could have been better, but we have succeeded somewhere, despite some omissions, so for us year 2017 was great satisfaction! The year 2017 was also challenging. It was challenge to organize the entire team, especially when the "perfect" plan was done in the last detail, but suddenly some disease came and everything was starting again ... but that's normal, you have a plan because you know it will in fact to be changed ;-) ...

It was also challenge to provide a team, both material and financially. But here we have to thank our partners, where the vast majority is with us from the beginning, and who help us in the team's existence. Without you it would not work! Thank you!

The team would not be a team without athletes, who make the team visible through their results, pulling the team in result lists up, helping me to built "the ground" for negotiations with partners, to find new partners, and trying to constantly develop the team.

Athletes would find it harder to achieve their results without service team and other people in the team. People who have their own jobs and most often on Thursdays sit in team cars and travel "to the end of the world", where they can just throw a bag in the corner and go out to test the skis, prepare the skis long into the night and very early in the morning again tests, waxing, feeding stations, fast moving to another feeding station place and after the race everything clean up and go back home by car ... and on Monday again to be "at machines" in their own jobs ...

It could almost be said, the team of "fools" ... yes, it would not have happened otherwise, and I believe it is so in each team. Somewhere more, somewhere less, but without such "fools" you can not do anything!

Everything can be done, if you achieve good results, if the team is still growing up, if you have an excellent team atmosphere and if you have such great fans as we have! Thank you for all the news, comments, "likes" we get from you! We are delighted with this, and our occasional failure is even more manageable.

I have to admit that I am excited about the way we managed to get the team over the last 3 years, how long way we went and how many great people we met during that time! And believe that our motivation remains strong as at the beginning!

In front of us is the New Year 2018, we know we will have to fight back with some inconvenience, but that's normal. We look forward to new challenges, new possibilities and we can not wait to change 17 in 18 ;-)

We also wish you all the best in the new year, strong health and success in everything you do! If you did not succeed in 2017 then know that everything bad will stay in 2017 and ahead of you is a new year that will be better! Fight and sometimes watch as we do! ;-)

Lukas Bauer

Bauer Ski Team

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