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COLOSTRIUM.COM is the Main partner of the Bauer Ski Team

Training is important for every athlete, but the most important thing is to stay healthy! Not only increased physical stress during training and races itself, but also frequent traveling, weather changes and winter conditions make more demands on the body of an athlete. Even the best sport´s shape can be destroyed by some sickness very often. So we, Bauer Ski Team, pay close attention to prevention! At the beginning of the season, We have gained a very strong aliance to our previous health care prevention - the first-class premium goat colostrum produced by the Czech company Betula Pendula. This unique, 100% organic product is becoming the Main partner of the Bauer Ski Team through the COLOSTRIUM.COM website.

"We are always looking for ways to achieve even better results, we train hard, and I believe we will be more resistant to any sickness thanks goat colostrum!", says Lukas Bauer, Bauer Ski Team director.

Betula Pendula products:

Goat colostrum

Goat Colostrum is a unique natural remedy that helps protect health and strengthens immunity. There are many types of colostrum on the market. The type and quality of colostrum are key to its effect. Goat Colostrum wins in all respects. Colostrium.com colostrum is concentrated, and not chemically modified. It is suitable not only for prevention but also for the treatment of many acute and chronic diseases. It is suitable to use X-rays and magnetic resonances. It contains a natural growth factor, which together with sport helps to increase muscle mass.

• Helps with diabetes, asthma, and borreliosis

• Controls conditions in autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis or thyroid gland disorders and other

• Accelerates healing

• Prevents the occurrence of aphtha, haze and other diseases

• Helps recover from surgery, during and after treatment with chemotherapy

The efficacy of Betula Pendula products has been verified in a multi-month clinical studies in collaboration with pediatricians and an immunologist.

Skin serum

Unique and first cosmetic product on the world with a high content of biological natural growth factor. A light emulsion that effectively retards skin aging and greatly accelerates skin renewal. It moisturizes, strengthens and protects your skin from stress. Serum is suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive and problematic. It does not contain synthetic preservatives, allergens from perfumes and dyes.

• Effective in skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic eczema

• When skin is injured, after aesthetic surgery, the local immune system activates and, thanks to growth factors, it accelerates its healing

• Eliminates the effects of frost on the skin

• Calms and hydrates the skin

• Has pronounced anti-inflammatory effects (acne)

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