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After 4th place in the prologue, the Bauer Ski Team wants to fight for the podium in La Sgambeda

The team start to the Visma Ski Classics season has been successful, and now comes the first race, where individual results will be made. La Sgambeda starts Saturday December 2, measure 35 kilometers and the Bauer Ski Team would like to fight for podium, after great 4th place in the prologue last week. Rather, it will depend on Katerina Smutna. Men's team leader, Ilya Chernousov, will not start because of the sickness, but Katerina Smutna will be on the start line as women´s team leader.

Bauer Ski Team has been training in Livigno almost two keks already, consisting of Lukas Bauer, Ilya Chernousov, JanSrail, Katerina Smutnáa and Barbara Jezersek. It is this fifth who is signed under the initial team success as the 4th place in the Pro Team Tempo. But in La Sgambeda they are hoping higher. "Higher goals are based on the fact that it is no longer a team competition. Everyone is going to do it and they do not have to look around to bring Lukas Bauer to the finish line, "says the team director, who was worried about his performance in the team's prologue after a disruption due to illness.

After the opening race of the season, the illness for change figured out the team men´s leader – Ilya Chernousov, who will not start in Livigno after that. "It's a big loss for us, because I´ve expected him to fight close to the podium in every race. However, we managed to call the French representative Alexis Jeannerod, who presented himself very well in the World Cup's opening races in Kuusamo last weekend, "Lukáas Bauer told the team's first Visma Ski Classics race.

At the start, in addition to Bauer and Jeannerod, Jan Srail and Barbara Jezersek with Katerina Smutna will stand in Livigno. "Katka should fight for podiums. We will see how the season starts with Jan and Barbara. I myself, without having to go through a month's preparation, can not have fundamental goals. I will try to go as best as possible, but the results should be done by others, "says Bauer before La Sgambeda.

Excited for the first individual start in Bauer Ski Team colors is Katerina Smutna, which was successful in the initial race in the Swiss Pontresina. "I have good memories in Livigno, I´ve managed here an victory, 2nd place also, so the goals are clear - to be at least on the podium and try to win the race. After such good results here, I can´t to have other goals, I think "says Katerina, who is very satisfied after the transfer to the new team. "I think we're a very good team, we've had a good time, so everything is so cool," says the second woman from the last season's Visma Ski Classics overall standing.

"Katerina showed her strength already in the prologue, when she took us out from the 7th place almost to the podium. Last few seasons she dominated, together with Sweden Britta Norgren, in long distance races and they dragged on the position of the queen. We would like to help Katerina to return to the long-distance throne - winning overall, "Lukas Bauer, the head of the team, revealed high ambitions before the start of the season.

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