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Lenzerheide training camp FLASHBACK

The last training camp prior VISMA SkiClassics start was done in Lenzerheide and was very successfull

The last Bauer Ski Team's ttraining camp was held in Lenzerheide, Switzerland, before the start of the VISMA SkiClassics season. In addition to ski trainings on the lap with an artificial snow, there were also rollerski trainings and the highlight was the test race in Davos with the Italian, Swiss and German teams. This race was very successful for Bauer Ski Team, because team leaders took podium (Katerina Smutna won women´s race and Ilya Chernousov took the second place blind Dario Cologna in men´s race) and also other team members did a good race. Thanks to this, Lukáš Bauer, the team director, considers training camp to be very successful.

The Bauer Ski Team has been relegated to Lenzerheide for the second time during preparation for the new season. This is the home of Ilya Chernousov with the possibility of training in the snow thanks to a 1.7 km long circuit already in the end of October. "Of course, skiing is already a prime one, and we've been on average for three difficult sessions, we've been driving miles and tuning skiing. Some days we also had rollerski trainings, "says Lukáš Bauer, the focus of weekly training camp.

"It was held in the spirit of a relaxed atmosphere. For the second time, we did a training camp together with Katerina Smutna and Radim Duda, her partner and coach, this year. Otherwise I was there, Ilya, Jan Srail and Adam Fellner, "says the team director and at the same time the competitor in one person.

Control races and training showed good shape

Lukáš Bauer enjoyed his partner's approach to training as well as their current shape. "I think Ilya and Katerina are very good at it. I was very pleased with both Jan Srail and Adam Fellner. But, of course, I'm not going to be in the TOP shape at the beginning of next year, "he said." However, they were pleased with the results of the Davos test races attended by a three-state national team (Switzerland, Germany , Italy) preparing for the World Cup. Kateřina Smutná won among women, Ilya Chernousov was the second among the men.

The positive message from the last training camp before the Visma Ski Classics is that members of the Bauer Ski Team are healthy. "I have to knock, the overwhelming majority of the half-year preparation has gone smoothly in this direction. Only Jan Srail worked a bit on health in October, and I suffered from the borreliosis what was found in September. The month I took antibiotics and I could not train, so I'm still getting the training manko, "says Lukas Bauer.

Up to the start!

Lukas Bauer and Jan Srail on Monday went to Livigno, where Katerina Smutna and Adam Fellner are also training directly from Lenzerheide training camp. He will then move to the World Cup races, but the team will join Ilya Chernousov on Thursday and together with Barbarka Jezeršek. Directly from Livigno they will go for the start of this year's Visma SkiClassics in Pontresina, Switzerland, where on November 26th will be held the prologue – Team Tempo.

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