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Training camp Boží Dar

Another training camp was on the schedule and we choosed Bozi Dar (CZE) with almost countless opportunities for quality training. In September, we are always graduating from training load, with quality as a priority versus quantity, and Lukas prepared a tough training plan for this camp.

The main workouts were always on the agenda in the morning, and the afternoon phase was focused on relieving fatigue, even though of course it grew steadily. The goal was a high quality week of training, with an emphasis on 4 main rollerski trainings or ski imitations and 2 quality strength trainings. Our training plan is not secret and you can find it at the end of the article together with videos and let you take a look „below the lid“ ;-).

Unfortunately, Lukas was unable to participate in the training for health reasons, but Adam and Jan did a lot of work and Lukas was satisfied with their workouts and progress. In the meantime, Katerina competed on traditional ski tests and, with whole Czech national team participation, she showed a great shape and all four starts were winning! :-)

Since Tuesday, the program is rather light training, with the goal to recovery after an intensive training block, to take a guided training session and then rollerski uphill race up to Ještěd is waiting for us on Sunday 1st of October. This is already traditional race for us, again like Czech Championship, where Jan and Katerina will defend last year's victories and we want to fight again in this 13km race for the highest level!

Keep your fingers crossed!

Training plan Bozi Dar:

Tue 19.9

Morning: Rollerski cl. (sk.) – Warm up 30´, 6x 5-6´MAX (Jan doublepoling, Adam skate) – break 1:1, cool down 30´

Aft: Running with poles – II – till 2h

Wed 20.9.

Mor: Running II – 30´, Strength training till 2h (quality) – cca 30´core, the rest strength 10-12 reps. (cca 80% MAX), longer breaks

Aft: Rollerski cl. – 2,5h II

Thu 21.9.

Mor: Rollerski cl. – warm up 20-30´, 3x 20´uphill classic (higher threshold), break just travel down, cool down up to 2-2h15´ overall

Aft: Deppends on conditions Rollerski skate II or running with poles II till 1,5h

Fri 22.9.


Sat 23.9.

Mor: running – 30´warm up, ski imitation 50´ (between uphills threshold, uphills dynamic kick) - tough training, cool down till 2-2h10´ overall

Aft: Rollerski II till 2h

Sun 24.9.

Mor.: Running II – 30´, Strength training till 2h (quality) – cca 30´core, the rest strength 10-12 reps. (cca 80% MAX), longer breaks

Aft: Running II till 2h

Mon 25.9.

Mor.: Rollerski cl.- warm up 20-30´, 5x 7´MAX, break 7-8´; cool down till 2h overall

Aft.: What you want till 2h easy

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