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Team PIONEER Investments on winning wave ...

The two victories last weekend were only the vanguard of great results that our competitors Ilya Chernousov and Jan Shrail achieved within the final race of the prestigious GUIDE World Classics Tour in Val di Fiemme this Sunday. Ilya won the race and Jan's activity during the race was crowned by winning one of the sprint premie and the 16th place overall.

The summer variant of the ski marathons - GUIDE World Classics Tour, with 2 races in Norway (Olaf Skoglunds Minelop - 80km and BLINK Classics - 60km), 1 race in Sweden (Alliansloppet - 48km) had a final race FiemmeRollerskiCup-50km on the schedule with the finish line on the famous Alpe Cermis , where the Tour de Ski traditionally ends. With regard to our long-term plans and the excellent results in the Alliansloppet, we sent there Ilya Chernousov and Jan Srail with Petr Srail, as person responsible for the necessary service around the race.

At the start, none of the biggest favorites was missing, and although most of the race nobly was able to run successfully away from the leading group, the leading group was constantly sprawled with occasional attacks. Ilya was focused mainly on the overall position and tried to control the situation while Jan felt the chance on sprint premie, what he confirmed by the sprint premie victory in Tesero. A similar "race" was also attended by Petr Srail, who was in charge of refreshments and reserve poles service in the event of a collision, but he managed everything great. At all pre-arranged places he was in time, the boys always got sport drink and even one pole chase was done, due to the kicked tip. During the race, it was very raining, it was cold, so a challenging race in all directions. The race was decided on a tough hill toward finish line, where Ilya, Morten Eide Pedersen (Jizerska 50 winner and GUIDE World Classics Tour leader) and Sjur Røthe, strong skier from WC circuit and WCH medalist, were among the most active. In the end, Ilya was the strongest and he took the victory, so we could start to celebrate the sensational weekend! ;-) Excellent result is the 16th place of Jan Srail also, who confirmed the excellent shape and we are looking forward to the Czech Championship, which is waiting for us 1st of October, where Honza will just defend the victory from last year. In the meantime, we have one tough training camp in Bozi Dar (CZE) so, as you can see, we do not go to sleep on laurels! ;-)

Keep your fingers crossed!

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