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BLINK CLASSICS - how to watch outside Norway

Today, at 18:00 CET - will start BLINK CLASSICS (60km) around Sandnes, Norway. Also our athletes (Katerina Smutna and Jan Srail) will be on the start and here is short and easy tutorial, how to watch this exciting race - LIVE broadcasted on NRK TV - outside Norway (also the rest of BLINK Skifestival in following days, full of world-class crosscountry skiers and biathletes). Enjoy this show and see how cool is crosscountry skiing in Norway!

You can follow the races on internet stream, despite regional blocking. Only what you have to do is to instal app "Hola" (there is also some other ways, for sure), which will allow you to watch foring TV stations worldwide. It´s easy and it should work in all internet browsers (we did it on Google Chrome)...

1) Type „Unlimited Free VPN - Hola“ to internet search (like Google for example)…

2) Klick for add it to the Chrome (your internet browser):

3) When it will be add to internet browser, just klick on „Hola“ icon and choose country (after klick on national flag), from where you want to watch event (Norway)

4) After change to „Norway“ (there will be visible Norwegian flag) type to internet search „tv.nrk.no/direkte/nrk1

5) And then you will see TV program in each TV stations.BLINK CLASSICS will start on NRK 1 at 18:10 then at NRK 2 from 18:35 (till 19:00) and then from 19:15 and back on NRK 1 from 19:55

Now you can enjoy BLINK CLASSICS and don´t forget to cheer for Katerina and Jan! ;-)

Another events from BLINK Festival are here ( but we will took place only in BLINK CLASSICS this year)

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