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First training camp 2017 done!

Our first training camp was done! We did our first training camp mostly focused on MTB – like last year – and for this year we choosed Jeseník as a starting point and gradually headed south.

The athletes was formed by 3 "pioneers" (L.Bauer, A.Fellner and J.Srail), because Ilya will take part only in some camps this year, to spend more time home with family. Alexis has to combine his activities with the National B-team of France, where he was nominated after his good results last winter (unlike the Czech team, which did not show any interest about Jan Srail, who did very good results in the first half of the season and Adam Fellner (good performance for most of the season, including the overall victory in the Slavic Cup) :-( ,but we have to see a positive thing about it because we do not have to solve the team plans and representation duties ...) And Barbara is back in Australia where she is preparing for a new season with the focus fro Olympic Games and getting the best results in next VISMA SkiClassics season. Then we offered our training camp to some other athletes and to other long-distance teams like Silvini and Atlas, so another athletes like Kim Zalcik - talented junior from Jesenik, Pavel Ondrasek from Atlas and Andrea Klementova from Vimperk joined us for this training camp. Andrea went always only part of the stage with us and then ensured the sportdrink exchange and other service, which was important during such hot days, like we had.

On Tuesday 30th we started from Jesenik and it took almou 6 hours to reach Pastviny dam. We wnet through Paprsek (place where Jelyman - race of the SkiTour series – take place) and the peak of Kralicky Sneznik (1.424 m.s.l), where we had to walk some part, due respect to the nature protected area. But it was worth it. Wednesday started with swimming in the dam and then moving to Prosec near Skutec, we sometimes lost a right way a bit (sometimes it was due high speed, sometimes weaker turist marking), but we did it and after some break we went for a 1h run in the sandstone rocks there. Thursday morning football and a relaxing day in the form of a shorter (kilometer, but not really the time as expected ;-)) to Nove Město na Morave (WC xc-skiing and biatlon place) was on the schedule. With regard to a longer stage time than planned, we dropped the afternoon via ferrata near Vir dam and just flooded for another 2 days. Friday's stage to Konesin near Dalesice dam was with no problem, evening run for an hour and a bit was finished by the dam flooding back and we had the last day before us and it was waiting for us a stage in the vicinity of Namest nad Oslavou, where many singltracks, but also some walking and pushing bikes on very steep hills, just a super finish of a successful training camp :-).

In summary, over 400km of mountain biking we did in 5 days, some running, games, swimming, giving us over 28h of net training time. Everything in good weather, sometimes maybe too much ;-), but the support with Isostar sportdrink, which in some stages flowed literally by the stream, provided us with good hydration, then no problem at all.

So, thumb up for good training camp what we did and we will meet us again at the end of June in BoziDar, where both endurance tests on treadmill (running and roller skis) as well as more specialized ski training will be on schedule..

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