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Perfect day for Team PIONEER Investments in Reistadløpet!

„All skiers had respect in front of Reistaløppet, where the track profile is really brutal and not really similar to other VISMA SkiClassics races. But in the end it was the best race from this VISMA SkiClassics season from whole team view“, said Lukas Bauer – team director.

He finished fourth, which is his best result of the season. He skied almou whole race with a pair Aukland (second finish) and Ostensen (3rd), finished 4th only two and a half seconds from the podium. Was he disappointed? Nope! Immediately, smiling into the camera, sent greetings and a few hours laterhe told: "From my point of view absolutely super. All of our team had a great skis, so huge thanks goes to service team. Although not go well shortly after the start, but once we got to the top passages, so there was immediately evident that the serviceman did it well and choosed very good wax, we went to the risks that we had skis a little slippery in the uphils, but they were great in downhills."

Only seven kilometers in front of finish did attack Aukland and both with Ostensen went away from Lukas. Few kilometrs later Lukas overpassed again Ostensen, thanks to good skis in downhill and they were fighting for 3rd place. Ostensen was stronger in the end and finished 3rd. "I was so tired that I had no strength. Yet it was a beautiful stand at the finish and wait for our other competitors."

And it was not for long wait Bauer. Soon in final row rushed Alexis Jeannerod and Martin Jakš, who eventually finished in 10th and 11th place. Subsequently appeared in 24th place Ilya Chernousov and just four places behind him came Adam Fellner, the "last" men of PIONEER Investments. And if we add to that Barbara´s seventh place among women, everyone from the team was in TOP 30. This is an unprecedented achievement. "Barbara greatly fought, and seventh place, in such heavy profile, is simply perfect. Ilya is not pleased with his reset for sure, but I still say that more important is the result of a team, not individuals. Ilya is our leader, he kept us in other races, so I'm happy that other skiers did a good results when he had not the best day. "

When he was asked which member of Team PIONEER Investments did the best job he did not hesitate: "Service team." But it looked different in few kilometrs after start. "I was really nervous that we have problems with skis, compare to others, but after the first long hill I had to chase my mind, because from this point we had perfect skis. Of course we were going to risk that, if we run out of power before, it would have been worse. But luckily we stayed. As for the competitors, Adam Fellner showed more significant improvement again, Alexis drove his best reset – first time in TOP 10. In short - it was sensational. "

Ylläs – Levi, the final stage of this year VISMA SkiClassics is on the schedule and whole team PIONEER Investments will move there on Sunday 2.4.

Small surprise prepared organisers in cooperation with army during the race ;-)

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