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Five athletes of Team PIONEER Investments collected points at Årefjällsloppet

Although we are missing some top ten result, but five of the six team athletes made it into theSkiClassics points. That's why Lukas Bauer, Team PIONEER Investments director, said after a very tough Swedish long-dostance race Årefjällsloppet: "It was from our side better average, but I just little bit sad that only points for Jan Srail were missing, to repeat the Jizerska 50, where all team athletes took VISMA SkiClassics points."

We were missing Ilya Chernousov, the team male leader, who is recovering from viral infection after Birken. And so, the best team result tried Barbara Jezeršek among women. And although Lukas Bauer wants to see her in Top 10 in all SkiClassics race now he was satisfied with her 14th place. "Before the race there were some speculation that the track will be changed due to inclement weather. Finally, it was shortened from 54 to 50 kilometers, decreased passages in the mountains, and added in the lowlands. Barbara decided to go classic with kick wax, but we didn´t found good wax in such difficult conditions and she had a lot of problems with it during the race :-(. When we overtook her, it was evident that she is fighting with it, but she completed the race despite this problems. I appreciate that, "said Bauer.

Men of Team PIONEER Investments were "nicely" together in the reset list. Alexis Jeannerod finished 31st, 34th Lukas Bauer, Markus Jönsson 40th and Adam Fellner on the other two spots back. "For this I would like to pinpoint Alexis and Adam," said Bauer. And he explained: "During the race was visible that Alexis had problems with skis – maybe too fine structure, especially in wet part sof the track. I regret it, because his shape is right now that he could be around 20th place. Maybe even higher. Adam Fellner was in Birken a week ago at 106th place, what was a big disappointment for us, but now he improved his personal best in VISMA SkiClassics from Jizerska 50 at this challenging track with doublepoling, what is very valuable. "

Lukas Bauer wasn´t quite satisfied with his own result, but it is probably a consequence of the fact that after the World Championships in Lahti he is more devoted with things about the team, then before. And jokingly he says that he goes to the races just rebound. But this time I went race with doubleboling (like all VISMA SkiClassics races from WCH in Lahti). "The race had some up and downs for me, but I was fighting and happy that I survived tough „finish row“ in steep uphill :-)," he recalled the final brutal hill.

Team PIONEER Investment stay in Scandinavia next 2 weeks, when VISMA SkiClassics season will finish in Levi, Finland. But there is also Reistadlopet in Bardufoss, Norway next weekend. "And this is good. We have a team of youngsters who now has mainly racing for gain experience. This is important for them to compete in this level as much as possible to gain experiences, which can be usefull for them in the future," knows Bauer.

photo: Magnus Östh and Silvini Madshus team

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