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Birkebeiner behind expectations ...

We were looking forward to Birkebeiner after good team results at Vasaloppet 2 weeks ago, but we were not sucessful at Birkebeiner :-(. Maybe we had some mistake in skitest, resp.we didn´t react correctly for snow conditions change, but reality was that the race wasn´t good for whole team :-(.

And to make matters worse, Alexis skied after technical problems five kilometers with one pole, what was the mason, that he left from promising positions around 20th place (and lost a lot of energy). Barbara also suffered race struggling with heavy colds whole week before the race...

So, one of the few positive things was the premiere of Martin Jaks in our colors, the only one of the boys , who went on skis with kick wax and in the end it was a decent 26th place.

Part of the team shifted directly to Åre from Lillehammer, where Årefjällsloppet will be held upcoming Saturday. Others traveled back home and by Thursday also will travel to Åre.

And so the pitch was not enough, today we received information that Ilya struggling with some sickness, whta means that he i sout from Årefjällsloppet :-( ...

The final composition will therefore L.Bauer, J.Šrail, A.Fellner, M.Jönsson, A.Jeannerod and B.Jezeršek.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Photo: Magnus Östh

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