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A week from Jizerska 50 ran quickly away like a water and our vanguard is already on the way to Vas

Jizerská 50 for the most part successfully done, even to the complete satisfaction some piece was missing, and now all preparations are under way toward to Vasaloppet. Today part of the service team is on the way to Sällen (Sweden), where the legendary long-distance race will start on Sunday and athletes will arrive by plane tomorrow.

From the three main goals for Jizerska 50, we managed to meet 100% one - women placed in the top 7. Unfortunately, Lukas failed to win premie on 11.km and Ilya finish in the Top 5, what were remaining 2 goals. Both lacked not too much - Ilya a little better skis and Lukas, with respect to the ideal conditions for fast doublepoling, did not have much of a chance with classic style, although 13" loss is very small difference. This year Jizerska 50 was very fast, with frozen track. Barbara with her 7th place confirmed excellent results from the previous races, Ilya with 12th place clearly growing shape after illness and Lukas, focused for premie on 11.km, confirmed the good preparation before the World Championships and final 22th place showed a decent race. Adam Fellner earned SkiClassics points and it was his first long-distance race done only with doublepoling. Unfortunatelly, Jiri Harcuba was the first loser who missed SkiClassics points. Overall, Jizerska 50 was quite good for the team and now we are facing the legendary Vasaloppet.

Here, as the team, will start Ilya Chernousov - for Vasaloppet our biggest hope; Jan Srail, who return after a longer health complications and who won Sumavsky skimaraton on Sunday like "warm up" efore Vasaloppet; Monique Siegel, who raced for team already on LaDiagonela race and on the last moment will arrive Lukas Bauer from the World Championships in Lahti, who will stand on the Vasaloppet start despite a tough program in the last days before Vasaloppet (Wednesday 15 km classic and Friday relay race 4x10km at the World Championships in Lahti). For team will compete also Markus Jonsson, who joined the team just before the Marcialonga.

For Vasaloppet we aim to encourage Ilya as much as possible for good result (ideally TOP 10), we rely on - in Vasaloppet - a very experienced Markus Jonsson, but others may also surprise. Of course the question mark is, how strong is Jan Srail after an illness, what will be able to show Lukas Bauer after the quick travel from WCH Lahti 2017 and how Monique Siegel will tackle her debut in such a long race as Vasaloppet is, but these are the question marks which are very excited and the answer we will know this Sunday afternoon.

But all preparations are in full swing already, part of our service team is already on the way to Sällen, to b ethere in front of athlete and have everything ready efore tomorrow afternoon when tha athletes will drive. On the agenda for these days is training on the Vasaloppet track, Cheb the importnat places for feeding, tests,…plan a travel during the race, test sof the skis… The rest of the service team will drive on Thursday, Lukas directly from WCH in Lahti on Friday late evening and Vasaloppet will start at 8:00 on Sunday morning! Still a lot of work in front of us, but we are looking forward!

Keep your fingers crossed!


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