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Toblach - Cortina embarrassed, but Jizerská 50 is in front of us…

Despite Barbara´s great 7th place and the first SkiClassics points for Jiri we didn´t left Italy satisfied.

The reason was problematic ski waxing, when our service team - despite all efforts – wasn´t succesful with fading good wax combination and especially Ilya had big problems with skis during the race.

Unfortunately, this is also part of our sport and hopefully we chose it now and next time aour skis will be again fast like usually we have them from our service team ;-).

Jizerská 50, the only Czech race in the whole serie VISMA SkiClassics, is already this Sunday and for us it´s a prestigious event. Unfortunately Jan Srail still get the health complications that weaned him from the race Dobbiaco-Cortina and will miss Jizerska 50.

"Team PIONEER Investments will be represented by Barbara Jezersek, Lukas Bauer, Ilya Chernousov, Adam Fellner and Jiri Harcuba. My expectation is that the team will be visible during Jizerska 50 and team goals are sprint premie victory, TOP 5 in men category and TOP 7 for Barbara. I know that this is a very ambitious goal, but for only one Czech race in VISMA SkiClassics we can´t to have a small goals", said Lukas Bauer, director of Team PIONEER Investments about his expectations for the upcoming race.

Jizerská 50 is among the most challenging ski marathons, so keep your fingers crossed!

You can watch the race LIVE on ČT SPORT or VISMA SkiClassics PLAY on Sunday from 8:15.

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