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LaDiagonela 2017

As mentioned in the previous article, this LaDiagonela I did not participate, so at least I planned how I will watch the rce from sofa ... but reality was different in the end ;-)

I´ve checked the current conditions during my last contact with the team morning before the start and I was not surpriced. There was very cold temperature (almou -20°C); all athletes except Monique who came for first time there, used skis for doublepoling without kick wax and everything workd well… So I´ve enjoyed beginning of the race, saw how Barbara, Monique and especially Jan Srail were active in this part of the race… My feeling was that maybe too much, because I was scary if they will have enough energy later after such active start of the race. This race is tough also due high altitude 1700m sea level and cold conditions need also more energy… But it looked nice ;-)

At first sprint premie I acknowledged thefront position of Jan and Alexis, for whom it was the year's first race SkiClassics, and I was a little scared about Ilya, who was loosing around 24 seconds there, but I took it that maybe this is not his day (maybe still tired after tough Kaiser Maximilian lauf last weekend) ... but mainly that the other two are on the front and today they will fight for team points... ;-)

But at the 2nd sprint premie it was different ;-) . Ilya and Alexis were in front, but I was missing Jan…Then I analyzed that Ilya got out of the crisis, and maybe Jan is missing the energy from the beginning, when he moved to the forefront and also have seen a recent illness ... but I did not know that Jan broke his pole shortly after first sprint premie :-( …. Urfuntunatelly we had nobody there and Jan failed to get a replacement pole from several people who have been around, so it was a long long way with one pole before he got a new one... :-(

With a second sprint premie for me actually ended an LIVE TV transmission because, as a rule of thumb, my daughter went with her friends for alpine skis and I was only one who was able to pick her there by the car…so quick car ride, the pursuit of a quick return to the TV to see at least the last 10 km ... but it would not be possible by the clogged roads ... :-( So I´ve found Ilya´s victory by a lot of text messages with congratulation which came to my mobile phone, when I was on the way back home…and right after returning home I watched everything back ...

But it was great! Personally, I enjoyed Ilya´s success as I had won myself ;-), I´m also happy with other team members great results there and all of this would not be possible without the hard service team work, which prepared the skis into the night and woke up early morning again and tested, waxed, tested .... And all this, of course, nor were without our team partners, whose involvement we highly appreciate and even they deserve thanks, not only for this first victory! .... THANKS !!!


LaDiagonela 2017 - last kilometer:

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