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LaSgambeda in great style ;-)

Athletes who did Prologue were in Livigno since Sunday and the rest of the team arrived on Thursday. Finally, we were here in full service composition, when Petr Srail and Jakub Radl was joined with Michal Kautz and Jan Kubicek and also athletes grow up 7 from "SkiClassic team" and 3 from our Hobby team. On Friday we did ski tests , some wax variant pre-tests and many other tasks, all carefully documented by our team photographer Michal Kubala. Those photos illustrate the atmosphere of the race and days arend the race and they are always on our Facebook profile, usually the same day.

All facilities worked excellently, our servicemen took care about the skis and Jan Kubicek was our big boss in the kachen, but he hepled a lot also with ski tests . A little complication was the fact that conditions on Friday, the temperatures were different - forecast promised 6 ° C colder for Saturday - and it even affected the strong Italian sun.

The race turned out excellently as a team, when Ilya flew into the SkiClassics world in great stle and he took excellent 2nd place and the whole race he did very professorially, when he was always at the right time at the right place. The only person who was stronger in the end was winner Tord Asle Gjerdalen, who is among the top favorites in front of each race. Very good race did also Barbara, who occupied 8th place and especially in 2nd half of the race she did very good. Similarly good race did Jan, who thanks to the small crisis in the 3rd lap had lost contact with the leading group, but the final 25th place is good. Standard performance showed Adam, for who it was actually the first SkiClassics long-distance race and then 53rd place is good. SkiClassics debut race it was also for Jirka, who finished 75th but this result is evaluated as adequate in relation to Jirka´s zero experience with SkiClassics and current performance. Unfortunately, the race was much different than we expected for Lukas and Algo, who have suffered with too rough structure on skis, which was the wrong choice from skitest, respectively risk with an estimate of radical warming, thanks to strong sunlight, what happened on Friday ... It´s a pity, because others were very satisfied with the skis :-(.

Athletes from our Hobby team enjoyed race when Martin Müller took 107th place overall (fourth in his age category!), Pavel Cihak 273rd place and Pavel Smid 508th place.

Not only LaSgambeda was on the program, there was a race in Santa Caterina, where Valentin did a good sprint and took nomination for sprint WC race in Davos this weekend.

Program for next weekend is that Alexis, Jan and Adam will compete in OPA Cup in Val di Dentro, Barbara and Valentin will compete in WC Davos and others will continue with teir own training.

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