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New SkiClassics season is almost here…

Yes, here it comes. New season ... the season for which we trained hard, we strengthened team, equipment, facilities, ... just everything for be again little bit better, stronger in our third season like SkiClassics Pro Team…

The new season will be a bit more challenging, this year SkiClassics contains 13 races and we will také part in 12 of them. There are some new, unknown destinations, team is bigger then efore then we've got to tackle even more difficult questions about traffic, where we found very good solution with brand new cars Fiat Talento from Fiat Professional Czech Republic and, of course,important will be especially sport page…and here we did a good job!

I consider whole summer preparation like very successful, as evidenced by a summer results, the team worked great and I felt super atmosphere in the team, as perhaps never before ...

I look forward to new season, I will watch Sunday´s Prologue from Kuusamo, Finland, where I will start new World Cup season with Sunday´s 15km Classic, but already next weekend I will be at the start of LaSgambeda, Italy – next SkiClassics race ;-).

Team will be represented by Barbara JezerSEK, Jan Srail, Ilya Chernousov and Adam Fellner in the Prologue. Prolog have individual starts, when girls will start with 30 "intervals in reverse order of last year's overall results and then start the boys „in teams" at 15 "intervals between the athletes(the starting order of the team is in reverse order of last year's overall results – 1 team have 4´interval). Two fastest men and one fastest are counted for the final Prologue results and the points for the Team and Individual rating will be distributed.

Personally, I see this competition more as official start of the new season and the teams introduction for fans through TV then important race, which should have a major impact on the final standing, but I´m sure that the athletes will race hard ... ;-)

I look forward to Prologue, keep my fingers crossed and I wish to all SkiClassics teams for whole season GOOD LUCK!

Enjoy racing, glory for winners, honor for losers ;-) !


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