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Bruksvallarna 2016 - 2 weeks done, 1 week to go...

Today it is already two weeks, when we have our training camp here in Bruksvallarna (Sweden). In first days we had longer workouts with lower intensity for the approaching first kilometers in the snow on the program, but soon came also trainings, where we tested a speed ;-). We had also test races for 10km last weekend (Saturday it was classic and Sunday was skate race). Unfortunately we were unable to make this races with other teams which train here due different training plans, but even that we had a very good test races I guess. Personally, I´m pleased with both races (though it was clear that this was the first race and the feelings in some part sof the race was not 100% ;-)) and I think that other team members did test races also quite well. Alexis participated only in classic race (on Thursday he will have already nomination races in Premanon for first WC races) and he showed quite good shape. I think that bot races went very well for Jan Šrail and I was also pleasantly surprised by Adam Fellner in Sunday´s race, whose performance confirmed that Saturday's classic was rather rare failure. If I look at the volume of kilometers on the snow, what the boys and Barbara have in their pocket, then I am very satisfied with their performance.

What pleased me even more is a super atmosphere that prevails here. The whole team runs as watches and our leisure time is full of fun and jokes, especially when foreign competitors are improving in Czech language and we learn some important worlds in their language ;-). This all is supported by an excellent food from Kamila and very good ski service by Jakub, who is strengthened for upcoming races by Petr Šrail – Team PIONEER Investments head serviceman.

During whole training camp, until today :-(, we had very good weather and for November unbelievably good snow conditions and stable temperature (sometimes too cold ;-)) helped us to achieve required training quality. Unfortunately today came warm weather, but according to forecasts should be just for today…

First big races are just around the corner. We will take part in Bruksvallsloppet – FIS races, which start on Friday with 10km skate for men and 5km skate for Barbara, followed by Saturday´s 15km C for men and 10km C for Barbara. We are axpecting a very good start field including complete representation of Sweden, Poland, Japan, Spain, the Czech B-team and others…

We are looking forward!

Keep your fingers crossed! ;-)


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