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It was an hectic week ...

Yes, last week ... maybe even a few more days ;-) was quite hectic ...

Well winter is around the corner and then we are in a hurry on all fronts ...

After my return from the Dachstein Glacier, where I spent one week with a lot of,the team was officially launched in front of the new season. New team members were introduced together with our new racing suit from Adidas – our new clothes partner. Racing suit design continues in our shiny color trend, what is great ;-). At the same time we finally handed over a financial cheque for the ammount of racing kilometers, what SkiClassics team and also our Hobby team achieved last season, to EndDuchenne association, which cares for children suffering from muscular dystrophy,we learned about their activities and the latest news … I´m happy that we will continue this project and our cooperation also for next year! ;-) I was also happy with significant media attention and a lot of positive feedback reactions from many directions. Thanks for them! ;-)

Among other things, we had a lot of work in the material side also, so we're not surprised one day when was delivered around 150 kg of material, what was needed to sort, wrap up and distribute to the athletes and service team. Last details about logistic towards our Scandinavian rating camp, where we will spent a substantial part of November, bring new and sper polished Fiat Talento from IMOFA company (another is on the way ;-)), wrapping and our service team started thein jurney to Bruksvallarna in Sweden… We had very good news from there about the snow conditions and our service team´s photos confirmed it ;-)

Today continued „action“ with athlete transport to Bruksvallarna. They flew from five different countries to two different airports, so it is still a lot of work for our Fiat Talento ... ;-)

But the main thing is that everything is running good and from tomorrow we will be able to train on snow with quality trainings, testing new material and everything slowly move towards the opening races that await us from 18.11 ... but in the meantime we will definitely come back to you! ;-)


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