Hlavní partneři

ISOSTAR like new team partner!

As you can see, we are working hard to be in best shape as possible for new ski season. We have a lot of training hours in our pocket, from easy to very tough training sessions, although quite painful, but without them our performance can´t rise. Everything is done with the vision of our sports growth, with vision of sport duels with the best skiers of the world during the races, fights with ourself on the track of ski marathons ... with a vision of sport success! No any sport success does not fall from the sky, there leads only tough and challenging journey that also often does not lead directly to reach the goal... In this challenging journey we a supporting each other like a team, we have a great support of team partners, without whom our dreams are very difficult to achieve and we are pleased that today we can introduce a new team partner and it is top sports nutrition ISOSTAR.

We have been using ISOSTAR last several months and is another important piece in the mosaic that leads to our goals, and perhaps because of it, we had probably best summer training and famously we represented as a team not "only" Czech Championships on rolerskis but also on international races in Scandinavia. With ISOSTAR we appreciate perfect quality, variety of flavors and a wide variety of products.

So welcome ISOSTAR on the "board" and we are looking forward for the winter! ;-)