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eD system a.s., has been for 27 years on the market and is one of the largest distributors of IT, computing and telecommunication technology in the Czech Republic. The company stood at the birth of IT distribution on the Czech market, now with its sister companies, it is now widely used throughout the Czech Republic - Slovakia - Poland. The portfolio of offered products includes a full of IT market´s sortiment, more than 300 brands of the world's leading manufacturers and over 135,000 products. The position of eD system on the market is also evidenced by the annual placement in the CZECH TOP 100 companies in the Czech Republic.

Main partners

The company’s core business is the excavation, processing, and sale of brown coal and associated raw materials.The company’s mission is not just the excavation of coal for the energy sector. The company is fully aware of the need to adequately compensate for the natural resources it exploits by cleaning up the consequences of its mining activities.

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Pojistovna VZP a.s. (PVZP) is a universal non-life insurance company. Provides travel insurance, property and liability insurance, citizens, entrepreneurs, health care facilities, professional liability insurance and property of physicians and pharmacists, ordinary civil liability insurance, accident insurance, commercial health insurance for foreigners and other insurance products.

The Fiat Professional name identifies the commercial vehicles produced by FCA Italy S.p.A. Fiat Professional vehicles are designed to minimise consumption and running costs while maximising profitability.


4initia is a consulting and investment company active in the field of renewable energy focused on wind energy.


ISOSTAR - eD system Bauer Team official sport nutrition brand

Bezva běžky CZ - Lukas Bauer´s cross-country ski school

focused for all ski enthusiasts

POC - eD system Bauer Team official helmet brand

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KAVE Bau s.r.o. - Key areas of activity are water, transport and other engineering structures such as demolition or groundworks. The main part of the work is subcontracting or complex deliveries of building orders.

LEKI - eD system Bauer Team official poles and gloves brand

SWENOR - eD system Bauer Team official rollerski brand

STABLECAM - Online shop with a complete range of DJI drones over stabilizers to control systems

Mediatenor - provides customized insight based on a comprehensive global database of media coverage. 

DÆHLIE Sportswear brand was founded at 1996 by Bjørn Dæhlie, the most successful cross-country skier of all time. DÆHLIE is still made for, and by, people with a passion for cross-country skiing. Whether you hit the ultimate training session, or you are doing your weekly long distance laps at your favorite arena. Or just chasing your kids along the white tracks on a crisp weekend morning.

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